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I think most of us here at the Cadre are big fans of historian Dr. Mike Licona's massive tome of analysis The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach, which was released back in autumn 2010.

This Easter, our compatriots at Credo House Ministries (also known as have teamed up with Mike for a series of ten short interviews (less than three minutes each) on "Myths of the Resurrection".

It's probably nothing that any dedicated student of the Res (pro or con) hasn't heard before, and it certainly isn't a substitute for Dr. Licona's book. But they're colorful, and as far as I'm concerned any promotion of his book is a good idea. So there!

Also, so here (after the jump):

Myth #1: Contradictions In The Gospels

Myth #2: Pagan Parallels in the Mystery Religions

Myth #3: The Fraud Theory

Myth #4: Hallucinations

Myth #5: It's a Matter of Faith

Myth #6: Apparent Death Theory

Myth #7: It Was Merely Legend

Myth #8: Science Proves that Resurrections Cannot Occur

Myth #9: Not Enough Evidence

Myth #10: Lost Gospels

A somewhat longer (108 minute) 8-part series of interviews is also available from RTM as the 2 DVD set The Case For The Resurrection of Jesus. Again, no substitute for the book, but not everyone reads (much less reads sober in-depth analysis that's heavily footnoted and charitable to the opposition) anymore. (This should not be confused with the Lee Strobel book of much the same name, but the DVD set may be related to the book of the same name that Dr. Licona co-authored with Gary Habermas back in 2004.)

The DVD set isn't available at Amazon yet, apparently, but you can always go with the Grizzly Adams version if that sort of thing appeals to you more. Hey, it's 120 minutes! That's, like, longer, right...? {g}


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