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Because some guy with a highly over-convenient interpretive scheme thinks the Rapture will occur in the next 24 hours. Surely, none of us will be left behind, right...? {wry g}

All kidding aside: if we are not looking for the fulfillment of justice in the world, especially against ourselves where we deserve it, then we're doing something wrong. We're rejecting justice at all, or we're putting our own selves up as being the final standard of justice, in mere competition with other persons.

So, whether we're Christian or not, whether we believe Harold Camping's prediction or not (and obviously I don't), let us take this opportunity as a reminder to be penitent of our sins, whether those we have already renounced and left behind, or those we are still being freed from, and cry for justice--to the farthest extents we can see and beyond!

Because, after all, whether or not the world begins to end tomorrow, I can predict with 100% certainty that, barring an outright miracle otherwise, some people will die--as they do on any other day. The day of repentance may be "Today" for as long as it is called "Today", but without repentance that promise of hope remains unfulfilled, whether today or in any day to come. Don't refuse that hope or deny it!--be fair to others!--at least be a sheep and not a goat!

You may not believe in a God to be reconciled to, or Who will reconcile you to Himself and to your enemies; but you still have a choice to act in hope and justice for other people. Or not.

Will your legacy to the people after you be one of hope?--or of hopelessness?

Choose now, today, for as long as it is called Today; and do something about it.

(And if you can believe in God, and that God even cares about such things, then pray to Him for help and strength in being fair to other people.)


And if we're still here Sunday, we'll be back to helping people believe God lives and cares about such things. {g}

(Though personally I expect to be doing that anyway for as long as it takes: "for as long as it is called 'Today'"!)


Thanks, Jason! The most sensible response to this charade I've seen thus far. Way to turn the embarrassment on its head and use it as an opportunity to spread the message of repentance!

That's a great post Jason.

I'm arranging to meet all the CADRE members over New Mexico and head for the celestial coffee shop.

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