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I saw that on the back of a shirt last night, where I was eating dinner. It seems kind-of brilliant; though on the other hand I'm still coming off the tail-end of having had the pseudo-flu, so it might only be the snot in my head pressing the wrong part of my brain-sack (or whatever it is that holds my brain in place and keeps it from leaking out my nose. Not that that has made much difference in recent weeks, or so it seems sometimes...)

Anyway, it seemed, y'know, soteriological. {g!} So, discuss!

(My immediate thought is about the widow and her two cents, and how she was ahead of the Pharisee in the kingdom. As a Phariseeish kinda guy, I love that little pericope a lot. :D But then, it has a lot of romantic connotations to me personally, too--I don't mean in its original context. So I admittedly have some bias there.)


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I'm not sure that I quite understand the point of the t-shirt. Sounds like one of the stupid bumper stickers that say things like "God shoots, Jesus saves." But I can see where you would be able to pull the widow's mite out of it.

"God shoots, Jesus scores!"


That could be read either as a cooperation of the Persons (God puts the ball up, Jesus comes down with it slamdunking the hoop), or as a schism of the Persons ('God' wanted to shoot us, but 'Jesus' convinced Him otherwise by dying on the cross: score! Which I've seen some nominally trinitarian theologians try to promote.)

But back to that t-shirt. I can think of some other interpretations, which might or might not be coherent theology. "Repentance" is {metanoia} in Greek, after-mind, or a change of mind; and without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins (at least in one sense, though in at least another sense God has forgiven us already). So "God" "saves" "change" could apply to that.

Anything else?


I have to say, a commenter at the EU forum (where I also posted this topic) came up with the simplest and most obvious answer I can imagine so far--moreso even than the widow's mite! I'm inclined to think it's the idea behind the t-shirt originally.

But I'm curious whether any of our readers here can come up with it. (Plus there may still be other applications, too.)


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