Palestinian Authority Legalizes Crucifixion

This piece from the Jerusalem post, if accurate, is disturbing.

Both Iran and its Hamas proxy in Gaza have been busy this Christmas week showing Christendom just what they think of it. But no one seems to have noticed.

On Tuesday, Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season by passing a Shari'a criminal code for the Palestinian Authority. Among other things, it legalizes crucifixion.

Hamas's endorsement of nailing enemies of Islam to crosses came at the same time it renewed its jihad. Here, too, Hamas wanted to make sure that Christians didn't feel neglected as its fighters launched missiles at Jewish day care centers and schools. So on Wednesday, Hamas lobbed a mortar shell at the Erez crossing point into Israel just as a group of Gazan Christians were standing on line waiting to travel to Bethlehem for Christmas.

As anyone knows who has studied the practice, crucifixion is a cruel and barbaric punishment where a person (in the ordinary case) dies slowly over several days from suffocation. The idea that this Islamic country could legalize such a horrendously cruel practice merely confirms that at least some of the Islamic world has not advanced from their barbaric past when it comes to issues of human worth and human rights.

Happy New Year? I guess in Palestine, some need to be told that its 2009 A.D. -- not 9 A.D.


Addendum 12/31/08 at 1:46 pm MST: At the outset of this post, I questioned the accuracy of the report that Hamas had approved crucifixion. Taking a moment to look, I find this report confirmed in several places but few with any real authority. For example, I find reports at the following:

Hamas Enacts Islamic Laws, Including: Amputation, Crucifixion, Lashes in News Blaze.

Hamas members of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza have approved a new bill "to implement Koranic punishments," including hand amputation, crucifixion, corporal punishment and execution. Drinking, owning or producing wine is punished by 40 lashes, while drinking in public adds three months' imprisonment. Several laws are directed against Hamas's Palestinian rivals, including a law intended to inhibit non-Hamas negotiators by sentencing to death anyone who was "appointed to negotiate with a foreign government on a Palestinian issue and negotiated against Palestinians' interest."

The following is the description as it appears today on the Al Arabiya website:

Headline: Hamas approves law of punishment by lashes, amputating hands, crucifying, and execution - in order to implement the Islamic Sharia law. Hamas members of the Palestinian Legislative Council approved in its meeting in Gaza a new bill proposed by the Hamas who have a majority in the Legislative Council, whose purpose is "to implement Koranic punishments."

Hamas Promises Crucifixion For Traitors from the Strategy Page:

December 26, 2008: Hamas, the Islamic radical group that controls the Gaza, has enacted a new law that allows for Islamic punishments for those who violate Sharia (Islamic law). This includes cutting off the hands of thieves, whipping those caught drinking alcohol, and crucifying traitors (the new law has a broad interpretation of treason).

HAMAS implements Sharia laws in Gaza Strip from TREND news:

The Palestinian Parliament in Gaza Strip decided to implement punishment of criminals in accordance with Sharia laws, Jerusalem Post newspaper reported with reference to Al-Hayat London newspaper.

According to law draft approved by the Parliament in the second reading and which is expected to be signed by the President of Palestinian Autonomy Mahmoud Abbas, the courts will have an opportunity to apply actions stipulated by ancient Islamic regulations.

Such punitive actions towards criminals can include public strapping, cutting hands, crucifixion and hanging.

The law draft envisages death punishment for anyone who cooperates with foreign government in order to damage national interests of Palestinian Autonomy, as well as whose behavior damages Palestinian morality.

According to the law draft, thieves caught red-handed will be cut a right hand.

A citizen in a state of intoxication or dealing with sale of alcoholic products will get 40 strikes by lash.


Second Addendum 12/31/08 at 5:15 pm MST: Here is an authority which I believe to be quite reliable reporting on the new shari'a laws adopted by Hamas: the Arutz Sheva,

PA Adopts Islamic Criminal Code -- In line with its Islamist ideology, the Palestinian Authority in Gaza has enacted a new law adopting the traditional Muslim criminal code. Penalties include amputation and crucifixion, as well as the death penalty for negotiations contrary to Hamas's interpretation of "Palestinian interests".

According to a report on the new law appearing Wednesday on the Al-Arabiya website, as translated by Palestinian Media Watch, the Palestinian Legislative Council approved a bill "to implement Koranic punishments." The Arabic website, the online arm of the popular Al-Arabiya satellite news outlet, refers to the London-based Saudi-owned newspaper Al-Hayat, which said the decision to implement shari'a (Islamic law) was "seen as unprecedented," and that it has "brought criticism and concern from human rights organizations in the Gaza Strip."

The criminal code adopted by the PA includes such punishments as lashes, amputation of thieves' hands, crucifixion, approval of blood revenge, and execution. According to the Arabic press, the law stipulates that only the victim of a crime can pardon opt to forgo the "Koranic penalties".


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