Glenn Miller on the Jesus Myth, Middle Platonism, and Other Items

Glenn Miller of the Christian Thinktank has a detailed new article that covers a series of subjects related to the Jesus Myth. He covers:

* The meaning of Paul's reference to "the brother of the Lord."
* Paul's knowledge of the historical Jesus.
* The meaning of Paul's references to "the Lord."
* The meaning of Paul's reference to Jesus being "born of a woman."
* The growth of the Jesus Myth.
* Paul's references to the Incarnation.
* The plausibility of construing Paul's references to Jesus as examples of Middle Platonism.
* Isis/Osiris in Middle Platonic thought.
* Paul's relationship with Middle Platonism.

It is very good and for those still unclear about the meaning of Middle Platonism Miller does an excellent job of laying it out.


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