Resource: Understanding Islam

From Understanding Islam Sermon Series:

Since the Islamic influence worldwide can no longer be ignored, what do we do? Christians can know how to respond, and must react with a biblical worldview approach.

A set of five-part messages on “Understanding Islam” is available for download to help educate and prepare today’s Church regarding this major influence on today’s culture worldwide. Prepared by a CEN ministry partner, these messages can be used, referenced and distributed…consider offering them as a resource to your church in response to September’s National Preparedness Month.

The five topics are: Islamic History, Islamic Scripture (The Qur’an), Islamic and The West, Islamic Followers, and How to Minister to Muslims.

As stated by the messages’ author Dr. Stan Reeder, “We can’t just sit around and do nothing. As John Wesley says, ‘The church has nothing to do but to save souls; therefore spend and be spent in this work.’”

Developed and preached the summer of 2007 to his congregation, these teachings connect the Truth of the Bible to today’s happenings and to what is yet to come. Pastor Reeder shows the importance of having one’s total being captivated by Christ in order to understand and comprehend God’s relentless pursuit of those who do not yet know Him.


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