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In doing some research, I came across a webpage entitled U.S. Abortion Deaths Compared to U.S. War Deaths. As the title suggests, it compares the total number of people killed in the various wars with the number of people killed in abortions since 1973. The comparison is put on a chart where a little man (like the one pictured at right) represents 10,000 people killed.

While I am aware that some would dispute that the people killed in abortion are "people", for those of us who recognize that the entity killed is a living human being who should be entitled to all of the same rights and privileges as full grown adults from the moment of conception, the chart's comparision really drives home the point of how horrendously large the numbers of people killed has been.

Addendum: For a related post on the numbers related to abortion, see Abortion by the Numbers.


Abortion must lead to a greater good, or else God would not allow it.


I really, really hope that you get some help.

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