New CADRE Article Debunking Earl Doherty

Kevin Rosero, a CADRE member, has put forth a lengthy new article examining the failure of Early Doherty's Jesus Myth proposal to explain Christian origins. The article is Earl Doherty's Christianities. From Rosero's Introduction:

Earl Doherty proposes that the original Christians proclaimed a Jesus crucified in the heavens, never seen on earth by human eyes. This essay will examine his contention that these original sects gave way entirely to Christians who proclaimed Jesus to have been witnessed on earth. I will also be examining Doherty’s claim that another group of Christians worshipped only God in heaven and did not worship Jesus Christ in any form.

My basic finding is that his alternative history of Christian origins is full of contradictions and grave problems from start to finish. Chief among the problems is that orthodox Christians who were deeply concerned with heretical ideas about Christ appear to know nothing about Doherty’s proposed beliefs.

The article is thorough, accessible, and persuasive.


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