The Hard Work Of Apologetics

Apologetics takes a lot of time and is not for the faint of heart. One of my favorite Cadre / BK posts is called The Job Of the Apologist. BK offers insights from his own experience in apologetic engagments. I appreciate those like BK who do the yeoman work of apologetics.

Another good model is Regis Nicoll. Regis is a friend whom I met in the Wilberforce Centurions program.

This past August Regis wrote an essay about the atheist movement known as "the Brights." The essay was called Putting On A Bright Face. Members of the Brights were not pleased with Nicoll's essay and responded. Thus began an email exchange that spanned a month.

The posts are a lengthy read, so I don't expect you to slog through them. I merely point them out because they demonstrate what good apologetics looks like. You will find the tone is positive.

One commenter left an interesting comment on one of the email posts.
I have truly been swayed by Mr. Nicholl’s writings. There is a to think about in his reply. Somehow I think I’ve always known we were not a cosmic accident. And Bob, you are a brilliant man. Am I to believe great minds are a product of evolution. It’s not adding up any more. I’m not saying Christianity is right but I do now believe in a God. There, I said it. I’m on record. My curiosity is stoked for further responses from Mr. Nicholl. Bob, thanks for having this blog. I have some heavy things to think about now from both sides. Brett
Brett's comment demonstrates what I call the "ricochet effect." Often our apologetic efforts have seemingly little effect on the person we are engaging. However, others are listening and lurking in the background. You never know how God will use your discussion to change their thinking.

I am encouraged by Regis and BK and others who do the tireless work of contending for faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.


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