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A Rational Look at Christianity; Basing Reason in Truth

"I pray earnestly that God will raise up today a new generation of Christian apologists or Christian communicators, who will combine an absolute loyalty to the biblical gospel and an unwavering confidence in the power of the Spirit with a deep and sensitive understanding of the contemporary alternatives to the gospel; who will relate the one to the other with freshness, pungency, authority and relevance; and who will use their minds to reach other minds for Christ."

John Stott, Your Mind Matters, p. 52

Simple. Sublime. A prayer written in 1973 ... but perhaps more pertinent for the day in which we live.


Excellent. I have printed it out and placed it on my bulletin board. I plan on saying it at least once a week but adding the following" "and I pray that I may be blessed to be one of them." Thanks for passing it along.

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