Countercult Apologetics Journal Calls for Articles

If you are an apologist who enjoys writing, you may want to consider taking up the call for articles from the Countercult Apologetics Journal. The entire call for articles can be found here, but here is a taste of what the Journal is seeking:

I would like to produce the first edition in Jan. 06 with articles, reviews, reports, announcements, recommendations, etc. This will start out as a Web based journal with the hopes of going to print (ETS type journal), with some articles online, in 2007. At this point it will be an annual publication.

Below are ideas I have for this journal (kind of thrown together at this point).

Target Audience:
Scholars, pastors, teachers, missionaries, Countercult ministries, laymen.

Articles, book and article Reviews, editorials, reports, announcements, etc.

1, Exegetical & theological articles
2. Book & article reviews: material written by evangelicals and/or non-Christian literature
3. Statisics on current growth rate, literature produced, missionary activity, etc. of cults and world religions.
4. News items: What is happening in the world of the non-Christian religions. Headline news items.
5. Reports from the field (Outreaches, etc.).
6. Announcements - conferences, published books, articles and audio specifically related to cults, the occult and world relgions.

To interact with literature produced by evangelicals and those in non-Christian religions. We'll have articles that hit the basic theology of cults, occult and world religions and also articles that interact with current thought within non-Christian religions (e.g. LDS apologists). My hope is to equip the believer, keep these things on the minds of God's people and to challenge the unbeliever.


Anonymous said…
I tried the link but it just left me on this page. Could you post the URL please?
Jeff said…
That is very kind of you to post this. I appreciate it. The link for the journal is located here.
BK said…
Anonymous, sorry. Obviously Jeff Downs has linked the page I mentioned, but I will also correct the link above. (My apologies to everyone).

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