The Miracles of Jesus: A Historical Inquiry
A new in-depth essay

Layman, one of our members and bloggers, has just had an essay he wrote on the Miracles of Jesus posted on Christian Origins. You can find it here. Here is a portion:

What I intend to provide in this article are good reasons for believing that Jesus, his contemporary followers, and his contemporary enemies, believed that he was a miracle worker. I also happen to think that—if we can set naturalistic assumptions aside—this article provides enough justification to explore the life and works of Jesus in more detail to see whether there is a possibility that Jesus in fact performed inexplicable deeds. Such an inquiry would need to be much more extensive than this one.

It is well worth the read.


Layman said…
Thanks BK!

Peter Kirby was nice enough to put it on his website (no endorsement of course!), but I submitted it a while ago and got so busy I forgot about putting it here.

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