Creationism is not The Christian Apologist's Only Option

We have a rule in the CADRE about not arguing among ourselves over theology or politics but we can discuss differences if there's an apologetical point to the discussion. I am not attacking Don or arguing with his view point,I am, however,  going to present an alternative view to his post on creationism. It's a matter of apologetical excellence that leads me to take up this issue. I respect Don, he;s my friend, I'm not attacking him.I do not suspect his motive for wanting to reach people with the gospel. Christian apologists should know there's an alternative to creationism.We are not obligated to oppose evolution. Creationism is not synonymous with belief in God, nor evolution with unbelief. Nor are we obligated to take Genesis literally.It'snot a matter of Genesis being wrong but of understanding why it was written.

The creation story is not an attempt to offer a scientific explanation of creation but to stand pagan creation myths on its head;it was written or re-…

Hydrogen in Hell

This week I have a look back at a 2011 item where I was first dealing with objections to my "honor and shame" explanation for hell. It seems some people just want their flames and can't give 'em up!


Over on Tekton’sYouTube channel, I have a video explaining that the flames of hell are metaphors for shame and separation from God (see more info at link below). One of the points I made was that the Bible offers contradictory descriptions – fire and darkness – to illustrate hell, and this is a clear sign that we have metaphor at work (among other signs). As my film’s lead character – a Smokey the Bear simulacrum – asks, “Huh. Fire and darkness. You think the fire’s black?”

And would you believe it? Some commenters had an explanation – one so contrived that it has to be read as is to be believed:

I must say you present a valid explanation if you don't take the Bible in a literal sense, however, for those that do, hell being both fire and darkness is a very s…

Extraordinary Claims, Ordinary Fallacies, and Evolution

[The critique of evolutionary theory below is from my bestselling (sure!) book, Transcending Proof. I have posted Chapter Three here in full, slightly edited, as a response to a contributor at the Facebook group "Apologetics, Philosophy, Reason and Logic," who challenged apologists critical of evolution to basically put up or shut up.[1] Pardon the length. Also please understand that I neither begrudge fellow believers their views on this issue nor insist that they adopt my own views instead. As the apostle Paul and countless theologians since have argued, to press nonessential dogmas upon others as a litmus test for Christianity can be a serious stumbling block to sincere faith in Christ. But that holds across the board. Believers are not beholden to a particular theory of science any more than they are beholden to my interpretation of Scripture. I repudiate evolution not simply because I find the evidence for God's active, creative power at work in nature overwhelming, …