we are about to lose the internet

Trump' FCC Plans Destruction of Net Neutrality

This is a disaster, It would be bad enough if raising fees to use the net meant I can't read comic books or looking at little You Tube things,No more music,That's my  major connection to the music I love. But the move means much more than curtailment of pleasure surfing,It's the blow to apologetic.,Its closing of the only sources of information for countering new atheism lies and it's the only way to fight by spreading the word. Also for me it means no more books. No more blog no more theological research,

We only have until early December to act!

CECILIA KANGFCC plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Vucotry for Telecomes,"NYT(NOV. 21, 2017) Continue reading the main storyShare This Page
ShareTweetEmailMoreSaveThe Federal Communications Commission released a plan on Tuesday to dismantle landmark regulations that ensure equal access to the internet, cleari…

Metacrock down

I am sick unable to post. sorry, back soon,pneumonia. was in hospital per weekend, home now still don;t feel lie posting, back soon talk among yourselves,

Fun with Flat Earth Fundies, Part 2

the Reason for Making God Arguments

this was written in 2013 when I still posted on CARM

 I know I promised I would stop talking about the CARM atheists on this blog. Still when they prompt something I should give credit where credit is due right? There things have been happening there that prompt this piece. First a poster callign himself   "Occam" has been putting up God arguments every day for over a month. He's up to  like no 40? Then there's this other guy called "HillyBilly" (well, I didn't name him--I'm still trying to get over "Metacrock") who incredibly argues that God arguments are not effective because of the phil papers survey shows that only about like 18% or so of the Philosophy of religion people are believers. Thus he assumes (1) if you are in philosophy of religion you have read a God argument and (2) you go into that field because you are a believer and thus you are going to dicide belief based upon a God argument. Thus no God argument is very effective. Onl…

Fun with Flat Earth Fundies, Part 1